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About Modbury High School

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The school ethos of “Respect” underpins the way the school operates and forms the basis of student behaviour management. This ethos is strongly supported by the wider school community.

 Students enjoy a range of amenities including a new visual arts centre; a dedicated year 12 study and recreation area; a multi-purpose resource centre containing a multimedia suite; well-equipped gymnasium, technology, science laboratories, music and home economics facilities; excellent grounds and ovals, and an auditorium.

The school offers many extra-curricular activities for students including sport, music, pedal prix, exchanges to Japan and Germany, and excursions to Canberra and the snow as well as a basketball trip to the USA and a History Trip to various destinations (2013 - USA).



Subjects include Specialist Maths, Maths Studies, Physics, Chemistry, English Studies, Japanese, German and History enable students to choose from a wide range of university courses, whilst subjects such as Metalwork, Woodwork, Food and Hospitality, and VET courses prepare students for vocational pathways.