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Art (A)

Level: 10
School code: 10ATA
Year level requirements: Non compulsory


C+ or better in one Semester of Year 9 Art.

Subject descriptor:

This course focuses on three main areas:

  • Portraiture
  • Printmaking (Etching)
  • Artist Analysis


In Portraiture, students will learn the fundamentals to creating a portrait including the Proportions of the Face and identification of features that make each face unique. These skills are fundamental to portrait drawing and painting in Stage 1 and Stage 2. Observational drawing will also be incorporated, ensuring further development of drawing skills.


Printmaking-Etching draws on previous printmaking processes, providing further scope to student’s printmaking skills.

Artist Analysis

Artist Analysis draws on the widely used practice on analysing and replication of artists works in order to learn new practical skills, artist practices and influences in the creation of artworks.

A wide range of media will be explored including:

  • Mixed Media (oil pastel, chalk pastel, paint, collage)
  • Clay slab casting
  • Scribing and inking

Further information

Students wishing to continue into Stage 1 Art, must achieve a minimum C+ to ensure their success at Stage 1.