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Art (A)

Level: 9
School code: 9ATA
Year level requirements: Non compulsory

Subject descriptor:

This course focuses on the expansion of major skills in the following areas:

  • Drawing - Observational and Two Point Perspective
  • Painting
  • Printmaking - Lino Printing
  • Design - Packaging
  • Sculpture - Clay

Nature will be the overarching theme throughout the Semester.

Drawing - Observational

Observational Drawing is fundamental to further study in Art and Design and will be used throughout the semester.

Drawing - Two Point Perspective (1)

Students draw on previous Perspective drawing skills and develop an understanding of Two Point Perspective drawing and its use within artworks. Basic Two Point Perspective images are drawn, with the focus on the technical drawing aspect. This is then used throughout the semester.


Students investigate an artists painting style then explore a range of different techniques used by that artist to create an artwork. These new found painting skill are then integrated into further areas within the semester.

Printmaking - Lino Printing

Students are introduced to printmaking skills and safe work practices within this course. Students will be extended once the basic skills have been mastered, and may include reduction prints and hand colouring.

Design - Packaging

Students are introduced to the Design Process and work to produce a package design. Different media will be explored in the ideation process and a range of construction methods will be investigated. Sculpture - Clay Students will learn how to produce a clay slab, successfully add additions and use textural elements, together with earlier learning of the Design process, create a functional clay slab work.

A wide range of media will be explored including:

  • Pencil 6B-2H
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Clay
  • Lino and Ink

Further information

Students choosing Art Extra will be extended in the major Art/ Design areas in the second Semester and have a solid skill base to continue through to Year 10 Art/Design.