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Art (B)

Level: 10
School code: 10ATB
Year level requirements: Non compulsory


C+ or better in one Semester of Year 9 Art.

Subject descriptor:

This course focuses on three main areas:

  • Art Movement Practical Analysis
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking (Etching), or
  • Printmaking (Etching Extension)

Art Movement Practical Analysis

In Art Movement Practical Analysis students will be introduced to an influential and significant Art Movement where they will work in the style of an Artist to produce artwork consistent with the Movements style. (eg. Cubism)

Sculpture - Clay and Mixed

Media Sculpture draws on student’s previous experience using clay and incorporates other mixed media elements, whereby extending students understanding and practical skills in clay sculpture techniques.


*please refer to Art A for information

Printmaking-Etching (Extension)

Students who have previously undertaken Printmaking- Etching in Semester 1 will learm advanced etching skills and process that lead to print series.

Further information

Students wishing to continue into Stage 1 Art, must achieve a minimum C+ to ensure their success at Stage 1.