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Art (B)

Level: 11 Stage 1
School code: 11ATB
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 1VAA10
SACE credits: 10


C+ or better in Year 10 Art or Design or evidence of skill level.

Subject descriptor:

Students will have the opportunity to work in a range of 2D and 3D media. Major artworks will be supported by preliminary and preparatory backup and with written analysis and personal comments. Students will develop skills in investigating artists work and their styles from an historical and contemporary perspective. The aim of the course is to:

  • conceive, develop and create artworks
  • demonstrate individuality, creativity and presentation skills in their artworks
  • show evidence of the development of ideas in a visual form
  • demonstrate knowledge of artists and their works through investigation, independent research, writing, discussion and visual representations
  • describe, analyse and respond to art works in their cultural context


Activity Percent
Folio 40%
Practical 30%
Visual Study (Theory) 30%.

Estimated subject fees:

Cost will vary depending on materials required.

Further information

Tasks set in both practical and theory will be different in Art A and Art B. Art A is not a pre- requisite for study in Art B. A keen art student can study both Art A and Art B.