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Chef’s applications

Level: 10
School code: 10HEF
Year level requirements: Non compulsory

Subject descriptor:

Working through the courses of the menu, students will develop skills and knowledge in food preparation, healthy eating, presentation, table setting and food hygiene and safety. Computers will be used to facilitate this course.

The course will focus on the development of skills, related to reading and interpreting recipes, food preparation techniques and a variety of methods of cookery. Pastry making, yeast and meat cookery methods will be incorporated throughout this course.

Assignment work is an expectation and will be assessed using a variety of methodologies eg practical and written work and oral presentations. Students need to provide some ingredients for practicals and will be required to pay a fee to help cover basic consumables.

Successful completion of thsi course will help students suceed at senior secondary cooking.

Special requirements:

Students will be required to pay a fee (approx $30 per semester) to help cover consumables used.

Further information

Students are requested to use a display folder and lined paper during the semester instead of exercise books.