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Composing and arranging

Level: 12 Stage 2
School code: 12MUG
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 2MCG10
SACE credits: 10


Full Year of Stage 1 Music.

Subject descriptor:

Stage 2 Composing and Arranging is a subject in which students’ musical imagination and creativity are developed by composing and/ or arranging musical works.

The exploration of a range of techniques and styles develops students’ appreciation of arranging and/or composing as a creative music-making process. Analysing their own compositions and/or arrangements gives students the opportunity to discuss and present their ideas about their work clearly and confidently.

Students experiment with the manipulation of rhythm, melody, harmony, form and structure, texture, and choice of medium, to create imaginative and individual compositions and/ or arrangements using some of the techniques and forms listed below.



  • Minor Works lasting 5-7 minutes 50% and commentary 20%
  • Major Work and Analysis lasting 3-5 minutes 30%

Further information

  • All of the units are single (half year) units.
  • Students undertake one or more of the following 10 Credit subjects.
  • When studied as a pair of units (ie full year subject) the combination is an acceptable 20-credit subject for aggregate/ATAR.
  • Counting Restrictions - No more than 40 credits.