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Design (A)

Level: 10
School code: 10DEA
Year level requirements: Non compulsory


C+ or better at Year 9 level or through evidenced skill level.

Subject descriptor:

The course focuses on three main areas:

  • Communication Design (Corporate Identity)
  • Product Design
  • Design Analysis (Architecture)

The main focus is 2D design throughout this semester.

Learning activities are structured to assist students to develop problem solving and creative thinking skills, using a range of techniques and materials. This unit involves further development of digital imaging, including Photoshop.

Communication Design

This area of design examines the ways in which people use visual elements and graphics to communicate idea/message. Students will learn within the following area.


Students will learn how lettering can be used as an artform. Using art / design elements students will turn lettering into a graphic.

Corporate Identity

Students will design a logo, reimage the logo and apply it to advertising and promotional material. Students will learn industry practices including the Design Process.


Students will use Photoshop as part of the final presentation.

Product Design

This area of design plans the shapes, forms, and functions of objects we use wear, use or drive.

Redesign of Existing Product

Students redesign an existing product, focusing on style and form, using the Design Process.

Design Rendering

Students use a range of different media to render surface materials used in their designs.

Technical Drawing (1)

Students learn how to draw for industry and accurately represent their designed product. As an introduction to SACE requirements students will complete a Visual Study based on a Timeline Study of Design Movements/Styles with the focus on Architecture.

Media Explored

  • Digital
  • Rendering Markers / Pencils
  • Mixed media