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Design and Technology

Level: 9
School code: 9TS
Year level requirements: Non compulsory

Subject descriptor:

In addition to the compulsory semester of Technology, students may select a Technology elective to provide them with a more in-depth background for further study in that subject. In any elective students will concentrate on work in two different technology areas to further extend their experiences, skills and knowledge. They work one term on the area they chose and one term on another area.

Further study in any of these areas in higher years is possible without prior knowledge, but students will gain advantage in studying them during ‘Middle School years’, and some requirements may need further checking. Students are required to pay for the materials they use. All Design and Technology electives include a CAD component.

Metalwork (9TSM)

The metalwork course is designed to allow students to develop a sound understanding of skills and processes associated with machine safety, the metal lathe, oxy/acetylene welding and metal shaping and forming.

Plastics 9TSP

The Plastics course aims to introduce students to more complex development and understanding of the cutting, shaping, forming and polishing of plastic sheet.

Digital Photography 9TSD

This course is based around the acquisition of digital images using digital cameras, scanners and the Internet as well as the manipulation of these images, using a variety of techniques and programs. In the second term it moves onto Movie making and editing.

Woodwork 9TSW

This course is designed to allow students a sound understanding of the skills, knowledge, techniques and processes used when working with wood.

Tech Graphics 9TSG

This course is designed to introduce students to the skills of specialised drawing for technical purposes - includes use of CAD programs such as CREO, Google Sketchup and Pro Desktop.

Further information

On the subject selection sheet students will circle the code that relates to their primary choice.