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Design (B)

Level: 10
School code: 10DEB
Year level requirements: Non compulsory


C+ or better in Year 9 or evidence of skill level.

Subject descriptor:

The course focuses on three main areas:

  • Communication Design (Illustration)
  • Environmental Design
  • Design Analysis (Product over time)

There will be a focus on 3D design.

Learning activities are structured to assist students to develop problem solving and creative thinking skills, using a range of techniques and materials. Student’s continuing from Semester 1 will further develop Design skills including extension in the use of digital media.

Communication Design (Illustration)

Problem Solving (Mixed Media)

Students will exploring creative thinking techniques and application

Flyer/Poster (Digital)

Students will initially explore creative thinking techniques and use Photoshop to produce an advertising flyer/poster.


Students will investigate and create an illustration/graphic based on the work of a practicing designer.

Environmental Design (Architecture)

This area of design focuses on the relation of humans beings with the built environment.

Students have an opportunity to select an area of interest to design and build a scale model of their new proposal. Interest areas include, interior, landscape and architectural.

Design Process

Students continue to develop understanding of how the Design process is used in industry.

Technical Drawing (2)

Students will learn to draw using Architectural conventions, including Plan Views and Elevations.

Model Making

Students will use model making materials to construct their design. They will learn Safe Work practices in the use of tools and construction processes.

As an introduction to SACE requirements students will complete a Visual Study based on a Product that has changed over time.

Media Explored

  • Digital Tablet use
  • Drawing media
  • Model making material