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Digital photography

Level: 11 Stage 1
School code: 11DP
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 1CCA10
SACE credits: 10


It would be an advantage to have done Digital Photography at Year 9 or Year 10.

Subject descriptor:

A Semester length course. This course covers the principles and practical processes related to:

  • the acquisition of digital images using a variety of sources including cameras, scanners, the Internet etc.
  • image manipulation
  • Visual product design for a specific purpose
  • Image composition, setup and factors within this.

Product Investigation, design and construction Product Evaluation.


School Based Assessment:
Skills & Applications tasks 20 - 40%
Products 20 - 50%
Major Product  
Designing Assessment:
Folio 10 - 40%
Product Investigation, design and construction  
Product Evaluation  

Special requirements:

Though not compulsory, it would be an advantage if students have access to a digital camera from other than the school. The school has a limited supply for students, who do not have access to one, to use but they will need to be shared.

Estimated subject fees:

Students are expected to pay for special or excessive printing.