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Level: 10
School code: 10EG
Year level requirements: Compulsory


Performance Group (Literacy, Communications, Studies) placement is dependent on achievement at Year 9 level and the recommendation of teachers.

Subject descriptor:

The focus of this course is the development of sound literacy skills with a particular emphasis on reading, writing, viewing, speaking, listening and responding. The course is modelled on the Australian Curriculum and aims to provide students with a strong base for SACE Stage 1 Literacy accreditation.

Students will study a variety of text types and will be encouraged to create their own texts by studying and putting into practice the conventions of purpose, context, genre, grammar and audience. Particular emphasis will be placed on practising and developing analytical skills and writing of discussion essays.

Furthermore, students will put into practice their observations on individual style and effective use of literary techniques and features. A number of opportunities will be given to students to enable them to utilise IT skills to express their understandings of English texts and concepts.

Students will be placed in flexible performance groups depending on their achievements in year 9 and the recommendation of their teachers.

Topics to be studied include:

  • Challenging issues and identity
  • Context and perspective
  • How language works
  • From novels to the multimodal