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ensemble performance

Level: 12 Stage 2
School code: 12MUG
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 2MBL10
SACE credits: 10


Full Year of Stage 1 Music

Subject descriptor:

Students who study Ensemble Performance and/or Performance Special Study and/or Solo Performance may perform on the same instrument in all subjects.

In general, students participate in one of the following throughout the subject:

  • a small ensemble of two or more performers
  • an orchestra
  • a band
  • a choir, vocal ensemble, or with a solo performer (as an accompanist)


  • Specialisation on one instrument
  • Performance assessment 20 minutes throughout the year as a member of an ensemble. Part testing on pieces played 70%
  • Final performance 10-12 minutes in front of external markers 30%

Further information

  • All of the units are single (half year) units.
  • Students undertake one or more of the following 10 Credit subjects.
  • When studied as a pair of units (ie full year subject) the combination is an acceptable 20-credit subject for aggregate/ATAR.
  • Counting Restrictions - No more than 40 credits.