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Humanities A

Level: 9
School code: 9HIA
Year level requirements: Compulsory

Subject descriptor:


Beginning with an overview of the time period from 1715 - 1918, this course is comprised of 3 depth studies.

  1. The Industrial Revolution: students investigate how life changed during the Industrial Revolution and how those changes have impacted on the Modern Era.
  2. Making a Nation: students investigate the settlement of Australia and its growth as a nation up to Federation.
  3. World War I (Compulsory Unit): Key aspects of World War I and the Australian experience of the war, including the nature and significance of the war in World and Australian History.

Skills to be taught:

  • Paragraph and Essay writing,
  • comprehension
  • sources analysis
  • empathy viewing
  • research skills.

Group work and individual tasks may form part of the assessment for the course.


Satisfactory achievement of the Australian Curriculum History Standards for Year 9.

Further information

This course follows the Australian Curriculum guidelines for History and Geography. All year 9 students undertake the full year course as a compulsory unit comprising of a semester of History and a Semester of Geography.