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Humanities B

Level: 9
School code: 9GEA
Year level requirements: Compulsory



There are two topics in Year 9 Geography:

  1. Biomes and Food Security: focusing on investigating the role of the biotic environment and its role in food and fibre productions. This unit examines the biomes of the world, their alteration and significance as a source of food and bibre and the environmental challenges and constraints on expanding food production in the future.
  2. Geographical Interconnections: focuses on investigating how people, through their choices and actions are connected to places throughout the world in a wide variety of ways and how these connections help to make and change places and their environments. This unit examines the interconnections between people and places through the products people buy and the effects of their production on the places that make them.

Skills to be taught:

  • Observing
  • questioning and planning
  • interpretation and analysis of data
  • collecting, recording and selecting relevant geographical informtion using ethical protocols.

Group work and individual tasks may form part of the assessment for this course.


Satisfactory achievement of the Australian Curriculum Geography standards for Year 9.

Further information

This course follows the Australian Curriculum guidelines for History and Geography. All year 9 students undertake the full year course as a compulsory unit comprising of a semester of History and a Semester of Geography.