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Information & Communication Technology

Level: 9
School code: 9CP
Year level requirements: Non compulsory

Subject descriptor:

This is the first opportunity for students to embrace advanced technology used beyond what other subjects offer. This course will take students through the whole spectrum of computing as a tool to enrich a students learning in a world where quality ICT understanding is essential.

This is a one semester course and can be done in either first or second semester.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Multimedia movie filming / editing / authoring (Podcasting)
  • Effective management of data through the use of Databases
  • Presentation methods using Webpages and Powerpoint
  • Use of related equipment like scanners / digital cameras / video cameras
  • Creation of animated computer graphics
  • Internet website research / critiquing / authoring
  • Use of spreadsheets as a calculation & graphing tool
  • Integration of data between various applications
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Coding

This course will allow students to progress towards attaining “Vocational Education & Training Certificate I” which all students should achieve by the end of Year 10.

This is a practical course that follows through all aspects of computing

A final integrated task will be completed to give students an opportunity to practice those skills learnt during the semester with a possibility to putting “best practice” work on display.