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Information processing and publishing (A)

Level: 11 Stage 1
School code: 11IPA
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 1IPR10
SACE credits: 10

Subject descriptor:

Information Processing and Publishing may be undertaken as one or two 10-credit subjects. It may consist of any of the following five topics.

Business Publishing

involves using information to produce paperbased business publications such as letters, business reports, agendas, minutes of meetings, invitations, menus, itineraries, advertisements, business forms and brochures.

Digital Presentations

incorporate the use of information processing and publishing equipment as well as image projectors, monitors or televisions to display presentations that are either interactive or self-running.

Digital Publishing

involves the development of products to be published in a digital format. These include web-based pages or sites, CD-ROM, and other non-linear or interactive forms of publications.

Personal Publishing

involves the use of software appropriate to paperbased publications. Students follow the design process to produce, for personal use, paper-based publications such as essays, letters, reports, flyers, menus and invitations.

Data Input

involves the use of equipment to input data that can be used in information processing and publishing. Data input may include instruction in, and testing of speed and accuracy.

The topics have a practical basis and emphasise the development of skills and understanding in designing, making and critiquing publications and presentations. The subject also involves a theory component.


Assessment: Percent:
Type 1: Practical Skills 50%
Type 2: Product and Documentation 30%
Type 3: Issue Analysis 20%

This subject does not have an examination component