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Level: 9
School code: 9JP
Year level requirements: Non compulsory


C+ or better at Year 8 level plus ability to read and write the Hiragana and Katakana scripts.

Subject descriptor:

Learning another language enhances students’ abilities to:

  • acquire skills and strategies to communicate in another language
  • develop a positive attitude towards other cultures
  • extend their knowledge and use of the structures of language, including English
  • take advantage of the range of post-school options where languages can be used, including employment, education, training, travel, leisure, community and family involvement
  • participate in international exchanges. Modbury High has developed close ties with the Asakuchi district in Japan.

Year Nine Japanese builds on the skills and knowledge students have gained in Year Eight. In this full-year course, students participate in oral communication with the teacher, with a partner and in groups. Their conversation, reading and writing skills continue to improve. Students particularly enjoy films and an excursion to the Himeji Gardens, the Central Market and a Sushi Train restaurant in Adelaide. Topics include weekly and daily activities, Japanese schools manga/ anime, club activities and bullet trains.

If students study a second language in Year Twelve, they are eligible to receive extra points towards their ATAR (university entrance) score.

Learning a second language enables students to communicate across cultures and enhances a student’s employment and career prospects. It provides students with unexpected opportunities.

Students engage in a range of learning and assessment activities and develop their communication and understanding through ICT, resource based learning and a variety of methodologies.

Further information

From Year Nine onwards, students may join Modbury High’s school trip to Japan. This involves first hosting a student from Japan for four days in August and then travelling to Japan for sixteen days in September/October. The trip includes a four day home-stay with the families of the students who came to Adelaide.