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Japanese continuers

Level: 12 Stage 2
School code: 12JPG
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 2JAC20
SACE credits: 20


C+ or better at Stage 1 Japanese.

Subject descriptor:

A full year course which aims to consolidate language skills. Students will continue working with the familiar Kookoo Seikatsu and Waokatta series of texts.

The course work draws extensively on what has been previously learnt, in preparation for the end of the year exam.

Students will be encouraged to engage in oral, aural and written exchange, developing a greater understanding of how to express themselves in personal pieces of writing and in spoken Japanese.

Students will be particularly encouraged to develop Japanese speaking and listening skills, with the aim being to reduce to a minimum the amount of English spoken within the classroom.


Students demonstrate evidence of their learning through the following assessment types:

School Based Assessment
-Text Production
-Text Analysis and
In-depth Study 20%
External Assessment
Examination, which includes a 20 minute oral. 30%

Estimated subject fees:

Revision Guide - $8.