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Level: 10
School code: 10MUF
Year level requirements: Non compulsory


  • Successful completion of Year 9 Music
  • Must play an instrument
  • Must be receiving instrumental lessons on a weekly basis
  • It is necessary that students be able to read music notation
  • Must hire or have their own instrument

Subject descriptor:

Students must either have their own instrument or hire one in order for them to be able to practice regularly at home and participate at school. Classical Guitar lessons will only be offered to students who are continuing students.

All students taking Music in Year 10 must be able to play (specialise) on an instrument. Tuition will be available at school for flute, percussion, clarinet, saxophone, bass guitar, trumpet and trombone. Lessons in these instruments are given by Education Department teachers during the school day.

The timing of instrumental lessons is on a rotation basis so that the same subject is not missed each week. Students are expected to come to their instrumental lessons punctually, and it is their responsibility to find out what was being taught in the lesson they have missed and catch up the work.

The course will cover the following;

  • Musical Literacy.
  • Composing and Arranging - a Beatles song.
  • Musical analysis
  • Practical (50%) students bring their instruments to class for ensemble work
  • Aural training
  • Music History - ‘The Blues’

As students come from a wide range of musical abilities and backgrounds, therefore the full development of student potential can only be achieved by;

  • The bringing together of all Music students across the year levels in combined instrumental groups suitable to the student’s level of achievement.
  • Membership of one of the school’s performance ensembles is compulsory for those who have reached the appropriate standard on their instrument.
  • One practical assessment will take the form of an evening concert presented at school.

Further information

Costs may be incurred for loss or damage to hired instruments.