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Level: 9
School code: 9SC
Year level requirements: Compulsory


Student placement in classes is based on their achievement in year 8 Science and designated ‘Advanced’, ‘Standard’ or ‘General’. Student placement is reviewed at the conclusion of each assessment period.

Subject descriptor:

In Year 9, students explore systems at different scales and connect microscopic and macroscopic properties to explain phenomena. They also develop their science enquiry skills and the notion of science as a human endeavour.

Semester 1

  • Biological Sciences - Students explore ways in which the human body as a system responds to its external environment and the interdependencies between biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems.
  • Chemical Sciences – Students are introduced to the notion of the atom as a system of protons, electrons and neutrons, and how this system can change through nuclear decay.

Semester 2

  • Physical Sciences – Students They are introduced to the concept of the conservation of matter and begin to develop a more sophisticated view of energy transfer.
  • Earth and Space Sciences – Students begin to apply their understanding of energy and forces to global systems such as continental movement.

Each term student’s knowledge, skills and understandings will be assessed using a minimum of 2 tests, and a selection of performance tasks: practical reports and assignments.