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Scientific studies (A)

Level: 11 Stage 1
School code: 11SSA
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 1ILG10
SACE credits: 10


C grade in Year 10 Science Advanced or C+ in Year 10 Science Standard

Subject descriptor:

A 10 credit course (one semester). This course aims to develop students’ scientific knowledge using STEM challenges and resources. Students’ knowledge, concepts and skills will be developed whist working as an individual and collaboratively.

Topics may include:

  • STEM Bridge Challenge
  • STEM Tower Challenge
  • Healthy Living and Lifestyle Choices
  • Issues in Science



  • 2 Practical assessments with collaborative components
  • 1 Group Activity with collaborative components
  • Individual Project of choice
  • 1 Folio and Discussion (based around semesters work)