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Solo performance

Level: 12 Stage 2
School code: 12MUG
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 2MFC10
SACE credits: 10


Full Year of Stage 1 Music.

Subject descriptor:

Solo Performance is a subject that develops students’ skills on a chosen instrument or their voice, and the application of these skills, musical understanding, and aesthetic awareness in a solo performance.

Students also develop skills in preparing and presenting public performances, aural perception and musical sensitivity, and awareness of style, structure, and historical conventions in solo performance.

Solo Performance gives students the opportunity to extend their technical and performance skills on their chosen instrument or their voice, and to use this expertise as a means of developing musical expression.

Solo Performance not only results in musical outcomes but also encourages the development of personal characteristics such as confidence and the ability to communicate sensitively and work cooperatively.

Students who undertake this subject are assumed to have attained a performance standard that reflects at least 3 years of development on their instrument. Students without this background may have difficulty in successfully meeting the performance standards for this subject.


  • Specialisation on one instrument
  • Performance assessment - 15-18 minutes throughout the year as a soloist 70%
  • Final performance 10-12 minutes in front of external markers 30%

Further information

  • All of the units are single (half year) units.
  • Students undertake one or more of the following 10 credit subjects.
  • When studied as a pair of units (ie full year subject) the combination is an acceptable 20-credit subject for aggregate/ATAR.
  • Counting Restrictions - No more than 40 credits.