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Specialist mathematics

Level: 12 Stage 2
School code: 12MSC
Year level requirements: Non compulsory
SACE code: 2MSC20
SACE credits: 20


Consistent C+ grades or better in Stage 1 Mathematics 1, 2, 3 and 4. Consistent C+ grade in the Semester Exams in Stage 1 Mathematics 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Subject descriptor:

Specialist Mathematics is a full year (20 credits) subject. This course is part of the new Stage 2 Australian Curriculum.

Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics consists of the following six topics:

  • Topic 1: Mathematical Induction
  • Topic 2: Complex Numbers
  • Topic 3: Functions and Sketching Graphs
  • Topic 4: Vectors in Three Dimensions
  • Topic 5: Integration Techniques and Applications
  • Topic 6: Rates of Change and Differential Equations.

Specialist Mathematics draws on and deepens students’ mathematical knowledge, skills, and understanding, and provides opportunities for students to develop their skills in using rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs, and using mathematical models. It includes the study of functions and calculus.

The subject leads to study in a range of tertiary courses such as mathematical sciences, engineering, computer science, and physical sciences. Students envisaging careers in related fields will benefit from studying this subject.

Specialist Mathematics is designed to be studied in conjunction with Mathematical Methods.


There are two main components that form the assessment:

School Assessment:

  • Skills and Assessment Tasks
  • Folio Investigations

External Assessment:

  • 3 hour examination
Assessment Type Possible Number of Items in Semester 1 Approximate Weightings of Each Assessment Type

Skills and Assessment
Tasks (Tests)

6 50%
Folio Tasks 1 20%
External Assessment:
3 hour examination
1 30%

Special requirements:

Graphics Calculator - Casio 9860G – AU plus OR CG20AU.

Estimated subject fees:

Item Price
Graphics Calculator
(if previously unowned)
Revision Guide $25
Worked Solutions $45