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Technical Graphics

Level: 10
School code: 10TGA
Year level requirements: Non compulsory

Subject descriptor:

All year 10 Design and Technology courses are one semester in length. Students are able to study some of these units at a higher level without prior knowledge, however, some requirements may need to be checked carefully. All Non-CAD courses include a small CAD component.

To ensure equitable access to all students, the number of Design and Technology studies units studied may be limited.

This Technical Graphics course assists students in further developing many specialised drawing and rendering techniques and an appreciation of the vital role it plays within the general society and (as part of careers) in design.

The following is an overview of the course:

Drawing Systems

  • Pictorial (perspective projections, isometric and oblique projection)
  • Orthogonal (Drawing of objects in Plan, Front and Side View).

Australian Drafting Standards

Linework, notation, titleblock and dimensioning.

Computer Aided Drawing

  • 10 week CAD Drawing course
  • Students will apply various drafting techniques into problem solving situations: a caravan layout, a product re-design project.

Further information

This course is a pre-requisite for the Stage 1 & 2 Technical Graphics courses.