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Level: 9
School code: 9TS
Year level requirements: Compulsory

Subject descriptor:

Technology covers Design and Technology, Food Technology, and Digital Technologies and students will be provided with some experience in each of these areas. The semester comprises of one term of Design and Technology, half a term of Food Technology and half a term of Digital Technologies. In each area the students will be given work that is designed to develop skills and knowledge to best support and develop their learning.

In Design & Technology students will build on their year 8 experience by taking on a full cycle of design, construct and evaluate using a resistant material. This will include some basic work using CAD. In Food Technology they again build on their year 8 course by undertaking more basic food preparation and further development of basic life skills. In Digital Technologies students will cover basic word processing, presentation skill development, use of basic spreadsheets and have an inroduction to Algorithms and Cod.

All this will support and blend with the optionally chosen Technology courses, which are different and much more extensive experiences.