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2017 SACE Art Exhibition


2017 SACE Art Exhibition



62 Pompoota Road, Modbury, SA, Australia, 5092.

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'Metanoia' is an exhibition of Stage 2 Visual Art and Design practical works that showcase a diverse range of exceptional artistic skills which students have developed over their time at Modbury High School.


The term 'metanoia' refers to the "journey of changing ones mind, heart, self" and the art work showcases the change students have undergone during their time at Modbury both in a social and personal context.


The exhibition contains a wide and varying range of media and materials with some works containing over 100 hours of preparation and execution of skills.


Visitors will come away from the exhibition with a visible sense of the change that has taken place, the evolution from students into exceptional young people, and into true artists and designers.


The exhibition opens on Wednesday 15th November 5:30pm - 6:30pm, and will continue through school hours until the end of the year. Please contact the school if you wish to visit within school hours, or just drop in, we would love to see you.


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