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German Exchange

The German Exchange program with The Graf-Stauffenberg-Gymnasium

German Exchange Organiser

Maria Cooke
P: (08) 8264 1955

As part of our German Exchange program, Modbury High School welcomes students from the Graf Stauffenberg Gymnasium close to Frankfurt in Germany each year.  The German students are hosted by Modbury students for 6-7 weeks in July/August.

The Exchange students take part in the lessons and programs offered at the school and learn about Australia, our customs and about the Australian school system and way of life.
In return, Modbury students travel to Germany, as part of this reciprocal Exchange at the end of year 10 or 11 and live with their German host family for 6-7 weeks, including German Christmas.

Modbury High School students have the opportunity to learn about German culture from their guests, and to experience traditional foods, local customs, and visit a range of traditional German cities.

Modbury students will, most importantly be able to practise their German language. This will be of significant benefit for their future studies of the language.

2015 Annual German Exchange with the Graf Stauffenberg Gymnasium in Flörsheim

Modbury is looking forward to meeting five students from our Exchange school, close to Frankfurt, in mid July to late August 2015.

The German students are always a popular source of up-to- date information about current trends in Germany, especially in relation to everyday life in Germany and customs. Our students get to work on their German skills, whilst the German students get to improve their English skills and learn about Australian customs.

Our Modbury students will have the opportunity to go to Germany in late November 2015, as part of this reciprocal Exchange and improve their own German skills, as well as learning at first hand all about German customs. They will also enjoy a German Christmas and the wonderful German Christmas markets. To find out more, please contact M. Cooke as per details above.


I loved the German lifestyle. It was so much fun being able to walk everywhere or just catch a bus. When I got there I realized that I didn't bring enough warm clothes and had to buy some clothes, but I didn't mind. Sadly I didn't see much snow because it was a hot winter (Christmas was about 150C) but overall I had fun. I can’t forget the fun memories I had when I was there, because this was a once in a lifetime experience which I am very thankful for.

- Kirsten (2013-14)

Experiencing another culture and their traditions is really something great. Not only did we experience a German Christmas, but we also got to enjoy a German New Year. It was so different to our New Year celebrations because for one, the streets were covered with fireworks and so many people were happy and celebrating the end of such a great year.

- Erin & Kirsten (2013-14)


For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:

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