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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the 2017 school year and an especially warm welcome to all our new students and their families. 

I feel honoured and privileged to be the principal of Modbury High School. 

Since my appointment as principal in August 2016, I visited a number of times and worked closely with Mr Rumsby to familiarise myself with the school and to start the planning for this year. Each time I visited I learnt more about the school and its strong traditions. I have been impressed by what I have seen and heard.  It is evident to me that Modbury High School is a great school.

Our school has two major goals. The first goal refers to a school culture of high achievement and the second aspires to a positive and rigorous learning environment with an ethos of respect. For us to achieve these two goals we need to work together. It is my expectation that students will do their absolute best and always aim to fulfill their full potential. I expect that all teachers will support students to achieve their very best and that parents will work in partnership with the school to support their child.

Over the last week I had many opportunities to meet the students. They have impressed me with their cooperation, the respect they display towards each other and their teachers and the positive way they have approached their studies.

I look forward to working with all of you.

Joanne Costa