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Student Leadership

Student voice is a focus within the school and students have real opportunities to be involved in the decisions that relate to the future growth and development of the school. Each year level has its own Student Representative Council (SRC) and each home group has elected representatives on this committee.

The aims of the SRC are to:

  • provide all students with a meaningful voice in school decision making and policy development
  • encourage the development of leadership in students as individuals and as a united group
  • assist students in gaining skills and experience in decision making in a school context
  • enable students to represent student opinion in various decision making bodies of the school including the school’s Governing Council
  • stimulate within students an awareness of their rights and responsibilities in relation to the school and wider community
  • encourage greater participation of students in curricular, recreational, physical and community activities in the school context
  • improve communication between schools
  • deal with issues that affect the local community 
  • provide peer and leadership support and training

SRC Virtual Suggestion Box

Not at school when you think of an idea the SRC could incorporate at the school?

Click here to access the virtual suggestion box.