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Science & Maths Academic Support Program

Science and Mathematics Academic Support Program

The science and mathematics faculties have developed an academic support program that connects current year 12 science and mathematics students with students in years 8-10.

The year 12’s role is to help a student with understanding science and mathematical concepts, as well as providing support for homeworkScience & Maths Academic Support Program exercises and developing folio and practical writing skills. 

It has been a huge success with 26 year 12’s offering their time every Thursday afternoon until 4:30pm. In addition, there have been many year 8-11 students who have chosen to work independently during that time, with teachers and a university lecturer readily available. 

This program is open to all year 8-10 students and is voluntary, however at this stage all but 5 year 12’s have been designated a student.

Get in fast… At worst you will have a relaxed supportive environment to complete homework.Science & Maths Academic Support Program 2

The middle school students have enjoyed how patient and supportive the year 12’s have been and have found it reassuring that the year 12’s they are working with, also found those topics difficult when they were younger.

The tutoring and assisting students not only benefits the recipient, but also the tutor as it is a recognised revision practice.

We aim to grow this program and therefore love additional year 12’s to volunteer and welcome more students from any year level and ability to attend. As Science & Maths Academic Support Program 3always there will be light refreshments provided.

James Dundon (Science Coordinator) & Vanessa Koch (Mathematics Coordinator)