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1:1 Computing at Modbury

All students at Modbury High are expected to bring their laptop to lessons. To assist families to purchase a suitable laptop the school has partnerships with two providers; Compnow, for the purchase of MacBooks & Microsoft Surface Pro and ASI Computers for Lenovo computers.

Our providers sell machines at education prices and we are confident that they can offer the best deal. However, families can purchase from other providers. There are a few considerations;

  1. Purchasing a machine that is below our recommended specifications may disadvantage students in completing work requiring higher specifications.
  2. The school will facilitate the repair of machines purchased through our providers.

We also recommend purchasing extended warranty and insurance and highly recommend purchasing an external hard drive for backups.

We understand that not all parents will be immediately in a financial position to purchase a new laptop outright, so there are interest free payment plan options available.

For the full computer requirements, please view 1:1 Computing at Modbury

The address for the purchase of MacBooks is Compnow and for the Lenovo laptops is ASI - the school's registration keycode is modburyhs.


Below is a video comparison of three computers starting up, with the first being an older MacBook with a 5400RPM Hard Drive and the other two containing SSD drives. The first computer also only has 2Gb of RAM and an older CPU (not an i5). The last computer has an i5 CPU, 256Gb SSD and 8Gb of RAM and meets the preferred specifications that we recommend for a school computer.