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How to Enrol

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General Enrolment

If your child is already in Years 8 through 12 and you would like to enquire about enrolment please complete an Enrolment Enquiry - this can be done either over the phone or you can come into the Front Office.

The enrolment process can take from 3 to 10 days, depending on the staff members timetable, meeting schedule and ability to contact the current/previous school.

Placements are offered based on the following criteria:

  • In-Zone Enrolments

All students whose permanent and primary place of residence is within the Modbury High School zone (as decided by DfE) are offered a placement at the school.

Proof of residence is required; current council rates or a gas/electricity bill.

  • Out of Zone Enrolments

Enquiries from students from outside our zone are not guaranteed a place at Modbury High School. Available placements are offered based on the following criteria:

  • Distance
  • Curriculum
  • Social and family links
  • Transport / location convenience
  • Disability

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7-8 Transitional Enrolment

If your child is currently in Year 7 and wishes to attend Modbury High School from Year 8 please view the information below.

If your child is in Years R-6, you can contact the school for information, however please keep in mind that the enrolment process can not begin until Year 7 and information provided may change before you are successfully enrolled.

Additional information about the Year 8 enrolment process can be obtained from your child's government primary school.


For year 7 students attending a public school, "Starting Secondary School" packs will be received from their primary school during April (usually week 11, term 1).

Year 7 students attending private schools, may pick up a "Starting Secondary School" pack from Modbury High School during week 1 or week 2 of term 2.

The "Starting Secondary School" pack contains information about applying to schools other than the guaranteed high school.

If you are accepted to Modbury High School, enrolment acceptance packs will be distributed by the primary schools on Friday 14 August. Private school students who have been accepted will have packs sent to their home addresses in the same week.

Acceptance of enrolment forms should be returned to their child's primary school by Friday 28 August. Private school students should return forms directly to Modbury High School. 

Zoning Criteria

Year 8 placements are offered based on three criteria.

  1. In-Zone enrolments
  2. All students whose permanent and primary place of residence is within the Modbury High School zone (as decided by DfE; see map below) are automatically offered a placement at the school.
  3. Proof of residence is required; current council rates or a gas/electricity bill.

The current Modbury High School zone (subject to change) is shaded in green:

Modbury High School Zone 2020

Out of Zone Enrolments

Enrolments from students from outside our zone are processed by the District Office and based on the following criteria:

  • distance
  • curriculum
  • social and family links
  • transport / location convenience
  • disability

Sibling Rights

Students who have siblings currently attending Modbury High School or have left within the last 12 months are eligible for a placement.

Waiting List

The waiting list is activated in week 1, term 4. Parents will be notified directly or via the primary school depending on contact details given.

Modbury High School enrols approximately 180 Year 8 students each year, with placements filled by In-zone and Sibling Rights students first. Placements are offered up until the end of term 4.

The school is not at liberty to reveal where on the waiting list a particular student is.

Year 7-8 Transition Parent Information Night

Two information nights are held during the year; Open Night in term 1 and Parent Information Night for students starting the following year in Term 4.

Please call front office on 8264 1955 to reserve your place.

Term 4, 2020

  • Wednesday 25 November, 7.00pm in the Robert Hill Auditorium

Hear about the following key features:

  • Our Vision
  • Our Students
  • Our Success
  • Curriculum & Learning
  • School Policies
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Sport
  • Cultural Exchanges
  • 2021 Enrolment Process 

Further information about Year 7-8 Transition

  • Assistant Principal - Hannah Downes
  • Year 8 Manager - Vanessa Tricker
  • Year 7/8 Transition Coordinator - Terriann Dearden

School Policies

For information regarding our school policies that apply to students attending Modbury High school, please view: POLICIES