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School Uniforms

School Uniform Policy

The uniform is an important aspect of the school and the very high standard of dress attained by the students is a result of parents and the school working in partnership. The school community uses the following assumptions as a guide:

  • Parents enrolling their son or daughter at Modbury High School support the wearing of the school uniform 
  • It is the task of parents to see that students wear the correct uniform
  • Staff will follow up uniform infringements but should not be expected to fight battles about uniforms
  • Uniform worn to school should identify students belonging to Modbury High School
  • The wearing of the school uniform by all students positively promotes good school tone
  • The wearing of uniform is not influenced by fashion trends
  • Competition between students with regard to clothing, make-up and jewellery is inequitable
  • Clothing should promote due modesty for all students and therefore should not be tight fitting or too short
  • Second hand uniforms may be available for sale from the uniform shop throughout the school year

In order to maintain our student's normal impressive personal presentation, one of which most students do consistently every day, we will now offer clean replacement uniform items, on loan for the day.