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Clothing / Price List

Modbury High School Uniform Price List

What to wear

All students must adhere to the following uniform:


  • Plain navy blue, knee-length dress shorts.


  • Plain navy blue, dress pants.


  • Year 8 - 11 Students: Modbury High School sky blue polo shirt.
  • Year 12 Students: Modbury High School White Senior polo shirt
  • All Years: Optional Long sleeved Modbury High School shirt. With or without Modbury High School Tie


  • Modbury High School knitted jumper.


  • Modbury High School jacket; can be worn in classrooms.
  • Plain navy blue wet weather jackets can be worn to and from school but not in classrooms.


  • Plain black, enclosed flat heeled lace-up shoes.


  • Modbury High School socks or plain navy blue, white, black or grey. 
  • Must cover the ankles. 
  • No higher than mid-calf. 
  • No black socks are to be worn with school dress (female).


  • Modbury High School cap.


  • Modbury High School scarf, can be worn to and from school, but not in classrooms.
  • Gloves Plain navy blue gloves can be worn to and from school, but not in classrooms.

Female Students


  • Modbury High School dress.


  • Modbury High School skirt. 

Dress and Skirt length

  • Skirts and Dresses must be knee length.


  • Plain beige or navy blue

Hair Accessories

  • Plain navy blue, sky blue, black or white.

PhysiCal Education


Students are required to wear the official PE polo shirt and shorts, which are available only from the Uniform Shop. If they wish to wear tracksuit pants these must also be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

During the winter, the 50th Anniversary Hoodie is allowed to worn as part of the Physical Education uniform. This jumper can no longer be worn as part of the everyday uniform.


  • Track Shoes with non-marking soles


  • Modbury High School Cap must be worn for outside lessons in terms 1 and 4.
  • Physical Education equipment, should be carried in the Modbury High School PE Bag ($2) available from the Uniform shop.

What Not To Wear

Students are not permitted to wear:


  • Denim, tracksuit pants or pants with elastic cuffs, fancy or double stitching
  • Pants or shorts with outside pockets (e.g. cargo pants)
  • 50th Anniversary Hoodies (except for PE) or old style Modbury High School windcheaters
  • Black socks when the school dress is worn (female students)


  • Sandals
  • Ballet style shoes
  • Elastic sided shoes
  • Boots
  • Coloured shoe laces
  • Footwear with markings or stripes

Personal embellishments:

  • Jewellery except for up to 2 small sleepers or studs in each ear. Plain gold or silver only. No stones. Any other visible jewellery (eg. Nose studs) to be removed or completely covered. Medic Alerts are exempt from this.
  • Makeup or coloured nails. Nail length not to be past tips of fingers.
  • Hair colouring which is not appropriate for school or a professional workplace
  • Visible items hung around the neck
  • Items of clothing that are visible under the polo shirt

Uniform Exemptions

TEMPORARY INABILITY to wear the full uniform will require a note from parents in the student’s diary which is to be taken to the Front Office for stamping before school commences each day.

LONG TERM INABILITY to wear the full uniform will require a note from parents in the student's diary and will need to be discussed with the Principal

  • We ask parents when either of these matters arise to still adhere to our 'what should not be worn' section of the uniform policy.
  • In both cases, where possible a clean, replacement uniform will be loaned to the student, until full uniform is once again able to be worn.