Innovative Technologies and Engineering Pathway (ITEP) Program

The Modbury High School Innovative Technologies and Engineering Pathway (ITEP) Program will foster the critical thinking and innovative technological skills required to flourish in modern society

Entry Requirements 

Annually, 20 positions are open for students, whether in-zone
or out-of-zone, who successfully pass the selective entry
process to join the ITEP programme at MHS.

The application process for the 2025 school year:
- open January 2024
- are for year 6 students (in 2024) entering year 7 the
following year
- will close July 5th 2024
- include an on line application addressing
   achievement, interest and experience in STEM

Program Details


The ITEP program is committed to providing students
with opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.

This may include:
 - Big STEM Day Out!
 - GIRLS in STEM seminar
 - MOD
 - Space Discovery Centre.
 - Industry Tours
 - University Programs and Tour
 - National and International STEM Trips
 - NCCS Coding competition
 - Fl in Schools
 - Hydrogen Grand Prix

The program will focus on applying the engineering design
process to solve problems using innovative technologies
including coding, 3D printing, and laser cutting. The curriculum
will include a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical

Students will have access to specialised STEM teachers
from years 7-10.

Student commitment

It is expected that students entering the ITEP Program
- complete senior mathematics (Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics)
- complete two of senior Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology
- participate in competitions, excursions and clubs
- lead the school values of United, Passionate and Accountable

goals and outcomes

- Expose students to innovative learning opportunities and
industry standard technologies
- Utilise relationships with Industry and Universities for
student benefit and program enrichment
- Equip students with technical skills that can be applied
in higher education and future careers in STEM
- Foster an environment of creativity, critical thinking and
problem solving
- Providing mentoring by utilising current and past

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment