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Japanese Exchange Program

The Japanese Exchange program with Asakuchi city, Japan

Japanese Exchange Organiser

Amanda Kampes


As part of our Japanese exchange program, Modbury High School welcomes 15 students and two teachers from the city of Asakuchi in Japan most years. The Japanese students are hosted by Modbury students for 6 days in August.

The exchange students take part in some lessons and cultural experiences offered at the school, as well as participate in various excursions around Adelaide. They learn about our school life, customs and our way of life.

In return, Modbury students travel to Japan every second year in the September school holidays. A reciprocal home stay of four days occurs in Asakuchi city while the rest of the two weeks is spent travelling around Japan, learning about their culture and practising their Japanese language.

Student that don't host a Japanese student can also get involved by becoming a buddy to the students while they are at the school. Buddies will get the opportunity to accompany the visitors on some excursions, have the visitors attend some of their lessons and hang out with them at recess and lunch time. 

Modbury students will, most importantly be able to practise their Japanese language. This will be a significant benefit for their futures – in both their language studies and chosen career paths.

Japan Trip Organiser
A Kampes


For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:

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