Issue 11

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Term 4 has been exceptionally busy, with several major events unfolding over the past five weeks. These include the Year 12 Breakfast, Year 12 Valedictory Assembly, Year 12 Exams, Remembrance Day, and the Year 7 Entrepreneurship Market Day.

Year 12 Breakfast

 The annual Year 12 breakfast occurred on Monday, October 30. Students arrived adorned in their modified uniforms, symbolizing the culmination of their high school journey. Ms. Woolford, Year 12 Assistant Principal, and teachers served a delightful pancake and bacon breakfast. Following this, students engaged in the Colour Run, creating a memorable experience for both teachers and students on the last day of school.

Year 12 Valedictory

The Valedictory Assembly, an outstanding annual event, was emceed by Ms. O'Brien-Dent and Ms. Woolford, along with the school captains. Many students were recognized for their exceptional achievements, receiving awards sponsored by the Modbury High School community. A proud moment for parents and students was the presentation of their High School graduation certificates. Attendees were treated to a delicious morning tea prepared by the Year 11 Home Economics class.

Thank you to Ms Woolford and Ms O'Brien- Dent for leading the planning and organising of this event.

Year 12 Graduation Evening

In addition to the Valedictory Assembly, Year 12 students, in collaboration with Ms. O'Brien-Dent, organized an informal Graduation Evening, a new initiative proposed by the students. The ceremony included students proudly walking into the gym wearing their graduation hats. Homegroup teachers presented the students to their parents and teachers. At the count of three by Ms. O'Brien-Dent, the students threw their hats into the air, symbolizing their graduation from High School. Following the formalities, parents, students, and teachers enjoyed a picnic dinner, with students relishing the evening with their classmates.

Congratulations to the organising committee and Ms O’Brien- Dent for this wonderful new initiative.

Fare well to the Year 12 Students

After 5 years of High school, it is time to say goodbye to our year 12 students. It has been a pleasure watching them grow into such wonderful young people.  On behalf of Modbury High School community, we wish them a bright future filled with everything they aspire and wish for, we wish them a happy life filled with good health and wonderful new experiences.

Remembrance Day

Modbury High School held the Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday, November 10, supported by the Catafalque party. Mr. McKie expertly emceed the event, with guest speaker Squadron Leader Dr Dennis Medlow addressing students. Mrs. McKie played the harp, singing The Greenfields of France”.  Modbury High School Concert Band, conducted by Mr. Budd and accompanied by Mr. McKie and his bagpipes presented Sailing” by Gavin Sutherland and arranged by M. Armstrong.

 Ms. Olivia Savas, along with School captains and I laid wreaths.

Year 7 Entrepreneurship Market Day:

On Friday, November 17, Year 7 students demonstrated their understanding of entrepreneurship by showcasing their small businesses during Market Day. The year 7 building buzzed with activity as students set up their stalls. Parents visited the stalls, supporting students by purchasing the items for sale. Ms. Stamati and her team of teachers were highly impressed by the students and the support they received from their parents.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in these events.

Ms Costa

Year 12 Breakfast and COlour Run

Year 12 Breakfast and Colour Run Celebration

On Monday, October 30th, our Year 12 students marked the end of their formal lessons with the much-anticipated 'Year 12 Breakfast' tradition. The day began with a breakfast where students enjoyed pancakes prepared by their teachers. Following this, the celebration continued with a slip and slide and colour run. Students showcased their creative flair by re-styling their uniforms, adding to the festivities! Both students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. As always, we extend our thanks to Terriann for capturing the spirit and excitement of the day through her incredible photography!

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Leader


On Tuesday, October 31st, we farewelled our Year 12 students, celebrating their individual achievements over the past five years. This significant occasion recognised not only academic and sporting excellence but also the dedication of students to citizenship and community service. We expressed our gratitude to the students for their valuable contributions to our school community. A highlight of the event was the speech from our 2023 Valedictorian, Muradil Mardan, who reflected on the year's journey and expressed thanks to those who supported the Class of 2023's path to graduation. The ceremony was followed by a morning tea where students, along with their parents, carers, families, and staff celebrated this milestone together. Congratulations to all our graduates – we are proud of your accomplishments and wish you every success in your future endeavours!

Major Awards

Most Outstanding Student - John Tilley Memorial Award

Jak Kastanos

Sponsored by Rotary Club of Modbury Golden Grove

ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award

Murdil Mardan

Sponsored by the Australian Defence Force

ADF Future Innovators Award

Ewan Enthoven

Sponsored by the Australian Defence Force

Best All-Rounder Award

Lauren Edwards

Sponsored by EduNet and Hon Michelle Lensink MLC

Vox Populi (Student Voice) Award

Jak Kastanos

Sponsored by Metropolitan Canteens SA

Principal’s Award

Lydia Wighton

Sponsored by Ms Joanne Costa

Year 12 Manager’s Award

Alex Walsh

Sponsored by EduNet

Jay Strudwick Ethos Award

Lydia Wighton

Sponsored by Kozco Energy Group

Newland Electorate Awards

Yalarasey Sooriyakumar

Sponsored by Olivia Savvas, Newland Electorate

Extra-curricular awards

Darryl Baylis Senior Sports Awards

Male – Ben Millar

Female – Lauren Edwards

Sponsored by Belgravia Sports Apparel

Bent Spoke Pedal Prix Award

Ewan Enthoven

Sponsored by Fast Cats Racing

Morialta Citizenship Award

Ewan Enthoven

Sponsored by Hon John Gardner MP, Minister for Education

Makin Humanitarian Award

Dakota Stephenson

Sponsored by Mr Tony Zappia MP

Modbury High School Music Award

Shania Newstead

Sponsored by Frances Bedford


Nyx Little

Brianna Mesecke

Jeran Tiong

Rachel Davies

Sponsored by Kozco Energy Group

subject awards

Tamyrn Walker                   Workplace Practices

Vocational Education & Training

Nyx Little                             Visual Arts—Art


Jeriel Lim                             English as an Additional Language or Dialect

Lydia Wighton                    Japanese (Continuers)

English Literary Studies

Research Project

Daniel Wood                       General Mathematics

Rachel Davies                     Physical Education

Travis Brewer                     Modified SACE

Karah Gilbey                       English

Isabella Hoppo                  Essential English

Jak Kastanos                 Specialist Mathematics


Oscar Elder                         Mathematical Methods

Angelina Hansen                Research Project

Essential Maths

Society and Culture

Jeran Tiong                        Chemistry

Brianna Mesecke              Biology

David Shinkfield                Material Solutions - Wood

Matthew Maletto               Modern History

Sienna Garstka                  Food and Hospitality

Kahlan Mashford              Integrated Learning (Sport)

Commitment to learning Awards

Theo Kelesis                      Music Performance

Tahlia Wilkinson                Visual Arts - Art

Jak Kastanos                     Research Project


Owen Defty                         English

Michael Hollobone            Essential English

Digital Photography

Jeriel Lim                     English as an Additional Language

Maddie Chronopoulos      English Literary Studies  

Lydia Wighton                    Japanese Continuers


Vicki Rowe                          Society and Culture

Essential Maths

Muradil Mardan                 History

Kahlan Mashford               Integrated Learning (Sport)

Dimitri Leonardis               Physical Education

Dakota Stephenson           Food and Hospitality

Tara Barrett                         General Mathematics

Nyx Little                              Mathematical Methods

Jeran Tiong                         Specialist Mathematics

Yalarasey Sooriyakumar  Physics

Angelina Hansen                Psychology

Jack Fabbian                      Material Products -Metal

Joshua Sparks                   Material Products- Wood

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Leader

Year 12 Graduation Celebration

On Thursday 16th November, our Year 12 students experienced the first-ever Modbury High School Graduation celebration, thanks to the incredible efforts of our graduation committee. This group of dedicated students excelled in organising this memorable event, showcasing their skills and determination. They handled everything from fundraising for graduation caps to coordinating event logistics, including liaising with caterers, preparing refreshments, and arranging decorations. A fantastic effort from all!

We also extend our gratitude to Ms. Costa, whose support and faith in the students and staff involved in organising the event were invaluable. Her encouragement of new initiatives and events is a testament to her leadership and commitment to our school community.

The event was also a success thanks to the attendance and help from so many staff members, parents, caregivers and families, whom without your support, the night wouldn’t have gone ahead – a very big thank you to you all!

Our team of eight Year 11 student helpers also received glowing feedback for their leadership, teamwork, and positive attitudes. Their contributions were highly appreciated by parents, caterers, and staff alike. These students have shown they are ready to be future leaders at our school and we are excited to see what they do in Year 12!

A special shout-out goes to Lew and the team at Adelaide Woodfired Pizzas, who served 250 delicious pizzas, ensuring that everyone was well-fed throughout the night.

This event was not just a celebration of our graduating students but also a reflection of the incredible community spirit and teamwork at Modbury High School. Congratulations to all involved for making it a night to remember!

Ms O'Brien-Dent
Year 11/12 Leader

2024 Captains and Vice Captains

Congratulations to the newly elected Captains and Vice Captains.

Captain – Lawrence French and Kaiwen He
Vice – Anton Kastanos and Kahlan Mashford

We look forward in working with you next year.

Ms Costa

Music Night

During week four of this term our MHS Music students gathered to be part of the MHS end of year Music Night. The evening was a showcase of class bands, school bands, and small ensembles. The night was a great success thanks to the help of our instrumental teachers and some MHS staff. There were several debut performances at the event including the MHS rock band, Sax quartet, Woodwind ensemble, and Flute ensemble. We look forward to hearing more from them in the new year. The evening culminated in an impressive massed-band performance that included all the Music students from Years 9-12. Thank you to everyone involved for their support of the MHS Music department. 

Playford Bands 25th anniversary 

The MHS gym was filled with the sounds of music while the Playford City Bands Group celebrated their 25th anniversary as an organisation. The not-for-profit organisation has provided an outlet for local musicians and regularly entertains at council events, concerts, and pageant marches. We would like to acknowledge the MHS students that took the time to attend and join in with the Playford City Concert Band, directed by Mr. Budd. It is great to have such close connections with Music-based organisations and provide an opportunity for MHS graduates to continue a lifelong passion for playing music in bands. 

Rei Cook 

MHS Music is very proud of Rei Cook (year 10) winner of a 2023 ASME (Australian Society for Music Education) Young Composers award. Rei had impressively arranged existing music for an expanded orchestra, among his other entries, and was recognised as the winner of the large ensemble arrangement section. Rei is currently working on a piece for the MHS Concert Band and has likely already started on the entries for next year’ competition. Excellent work, Rei! 

Materials and services poll notification for 2024

The Modbury High School Governing Council recently recommended that parents/caregivers vote in favour of the legally recoverable Materials & Services fee to a ‘prescribed sum’, which is the core Materials and Services charge of $695 for year levels 7-12, plus any subject charge for those subjects chosen by the student for 2024.

The poll was successful with votes 25-12 in favour.

Modbury High School takes pride in our ability to offer a rich variety of curriculum options and we aim to continue to do so. We consider the income from these charges to be critical in the ongoing delivery of quality curriculum for students.

Safety on the internet

Please follow the link below to learn about the latest games, apps and social media, including how to protect your information and report harmful content.

The eSafety Guide | eSafety Commissioner


For next year's stationery list please click here.


This year, a group of students and our wonderful Counsellor, Geri, will be going to the Salvation Army to help sort toys donated from various places in the community as part of the Christmas Appeal.

If you would like to donate, you can bring items to either the Front Office or to Student Services. Please donate by 8th December.

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment