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DayMap Connect

Having problems connecting? Contact the School (08) 8264 1955.

Parent Access

First Time Access to Daymap Parent Portal

  • Click on New User (in blue underneath the Forgot Your Password).
  • Enter the email address (As recorded by Modbury High School)
  • Enter Student Code (provided by Modbury High School).
  • Click on the Reset Password button.

If your details are correct, you will receive an email from the Daymap Portal with your username and a link you can follow to choose your password. Use this to log in for the first time.


Note that Safari may not be supported by DayMap.

STAFF AND Student Access from Home

Staff and students can access Daymap from home to set/get assignments, homework and any other school information.

Log in to Daymap using your curriculum password

  • mhs\firstname.lastnamenumber
    (eg. mhs\joe.bloggs000)
  • password