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The Library is situated in a recently developed space.

We provide a great range of borrowing resources in both fiction and non-fiction titles and offer a welcoming environment to study, read and research in. Library staff are ready to help with any curriculum needs for both students and staff.

Our aim is to provide students with a range of books to suit their interests and reading level. Staff in the library share a love of reading and are knowledgeable of what titles are new and popular. We are keen to suitably match books with students to engage them. Recently developed genre posters and book spine colour coding dots aid students in borrowing suitable texts. Visual displays are regularly updated to advertise current trends in reading and related events in the community.

We have a tiered seating area with a drop-down screen which is used for class presentations, guest speakers and any other audio visual needs. We also have a dedicated green screen recording space and a digital editing room. Our main fiction borrowing shelves are co-located with groups of tables to easily accommodate a class for reading and other activities. We have study nooks for quiet independent work. Senior students often visit the library during timetabled home study lessons as it is an ideal place to get work done without distractions.


Students are welcome in the library during lunchtime. Students eat before arrival as no food is permitted in the space. A games trolley is stacked with a range of board and card games for students to access. Schoolwork can be completed during this time if students choose to do this. There is also a quiet space for students who would like to do schoolwork.


We subscribe to GALE Learning to give students a database resource for searching relevant and credible articles, magazines, journals, videos, reference texts and images. Students can access the online database through the school’s intranet page or click here (on site access only)


We subscribe to an online audio visual database of movies, TV programs, news reports and tutorials for staff and student access. The range of resources cater for all subjects and year levels and can be accessed from home via this link.