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Our School Motto


Principles that underpin the statement:

  • A meaningful and relevant education will provide a range of opportunities to meet life’s challenges and enable social mobility
  • The Respect Ethos of Modbury High School should determine our actions
  • Striving for our personal best, in all aspects of school life, is an expectation of the whole school community
  • Effective communication and collaboration will enhance the achievement of success
  • The school recognises student diversity and will provide a variety of pathways to meet student needs. We also recognise that many of our students aspire to achieve a higher education
  • Positive behaviour is linked to a positive learning culture
  • The school recognises and celebrates success for effort in an orderly, supportive and academically focused environment
  • Clarity of Purpose and Unity of Action through collaboration and teamwork will predicate success
  • Transparency in and access to decision-making will enable all to contribute to and have ownership for the direction that Modbury High School takes into the future.

Modbury High School promotes respect:

  • respect yourself
  • respect others
  • respect your own property
  • respect the property of others
  • respect the name of the school

This ethos describes the spirit characteristic of this school and expected of all members within the school. The school discipline policy is based upon the ethos of RESPECT.