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  1. Modbury High School is committed to providing a safe and caring environment that fosters respect for others and does not tolerate bullying. We want all students and staff to feel safe.
  2. At Modbury High School we believe that:
    • bullying is the systematic abuse of power
    • bullying is not simply about difference. It may occur because of people’s inability to accept and value difference
    • bullying includes racist or sexual harassment or any other form of disciminatory behaviour
    • bullying can involve violence
    • we all have a responsibility to stop bullying.
  3. All bullying is wrong and must be stopped. If you have been bullied you need to tell someone you can trust so that he/she can help you. Our school has a Behaviour Code that supports student safety. If you are bullied, this is what you should do:
    • try to ignore it and walk away
    • if safe, tell the person to stop the behaviour
    • tell someone you can trust
    • tell your class teacher, student counsellor or other staff member.
  4. What we do at Modbury High School to reduce bullying:
    • Students and/or parents can report incidents of bullying to any teacher or the principal. Any bullying incidents that are dealt with will be recorded.
    • At Modbury High School we use prevention, intervention strategies and post-intervention strategies.



In order for students to achieve success it is crucial that they attend school. According to the Department for Education, if a student is absent for:

  • 5 or more days for any reason in a term, this is classified as having habitual non-attendance issues
  • 10 or more days for any reason in a term, this is classified as having chronic non-attendance issues

To support students to achieve their best, Modbury High School has incorporated increased student attendance as a target in our site improvement plan.

The school aims to achieve a 95% attendance rate for students throughout the academic year and all members of the school community, staff, students and parents/guardians have responsibilities to fulfil this.


Behaviour Management

Proper school discipline is vital for the effective running of every school. At this school we stress self discipline and expect students to develop an acceptance of responsibility for their own behaviour. The Student Code of Conduct, devised by the SRC and endorsed by students, states clearly the rights and responsibilities of students. This is a key document in guiding student behaviour management at Modbury High School.

Our students are expected to be co-operative and courteous at all times. For example, our school policy prohibits the use of bad language. All members of our school community are expected to comply with this policy.

In general, students are expected to respect the rights of teachers to teach and other students to learn without interruption. The actions of a few individuals will not be allowed to interrupt the educational process within the school or the right of all students to feel safe and secure in our school environment.

The Behaviour Management Policy incorporates disruptive students being removed from class and consequently receiving a lunchtime detention. Continuation of this behaviour can lead to Saturday morning detention. Further persistence can culminate in suspension.



Modbury High School aims to uphold the highest standards for our staff and students. We value the support of our parents, caregivers and wider community and their feedback on how we operate and can improve our practices as part of our continuous improvement processes.  

In the event that parents, caregivers or the community have a complaint about any aspect of the services provided by us we follow the Department for Education’s Complaint Management Policy. The policy can be found here

To support parents, caregivers and the community to address points of concern at school we will connect them with the best situated staff member to resolve the issue. Please refer to our school Complaint Management Procedure and flow chart for details.   


Computer Use

All students are expected to bring their own computer (BYOD) to the school. Their BYOD is an integral part of their school studies. To safeguard school resources and students' wellbeing while maintaining network security, students are expected to adhere to the ICT Acceptable Use Policy agreement signed by their Parent/Caregiver, and have their devices fully charged before arriving at school each day.

It is essential that BYODs have sufficient battery capacity to last a full school day. Older BYODs may require the purchase of an external laptop battery bank, obtainable from a retail outlet.

Cyber safety

The following is an extract from the Policy. For the full policy, please refer to the attachment below.

  1. Modbury High School will take all reasonable steps to filter or screen all material accessed using the school’s network or Internet access facilities. However when using a global information system such as the Internet, it may not always be possible for the school to restrict access to all such material. This may include material which is inappropriate in the school learning environment, dangerous, or objectionable as defined in the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993.
  2. All persons accessing the Internet on personal electronic devices whilst at school, must use the school’s Internet network and access facilities. No outside providers are permitted, whilst at school.
  3. While using the Modbury High School network, Internet access facilities or ICT equipment/devices, or using any privately-owned ICT equipment/devices at the school or at any school-related activity, no person may:
    1. initiate access to, or have involvement with, inappropriate, dangerous, illegal or objectionable material or activities
    2. save or distribute such material by copying, storing or printing



The SACE Board has determined an equitable policy for all students studying SACE. Teachers of SACE subjects are required to set reasonable deadlines by which students must hand in set work. Work handed in after the deadline may be checked for feedback purposes only, but must be awarded a mark of zero.

Teachers have the responsibility of establishing deadline dates and giving reminders, which are appropriate for the age group of students concerned. Bereavement or sickness (supported by a medical certificate) would certainly be valid reasons for negotiating a different deadline, but attending a party or playing sport would not.

Clearly, part of our expectation of students at in senior school is responsible self-organisation.

This policy will be strictly observed for Year 11 and 12 students at this school and will apply in principle, taking into account age level and maturity, for younger students throughout the school.

Drugs and Drug Abuse

The following is a summary of the Modbury High School Drug Policy. At Modbury High School, the health, safety and wellbeing of students is most important.

Use of drugs

  • the school does not allow student involvement with:
    any use of illegal drugs
  • the possession or sale of illegal drugs 
  • the inappropriate use of prescribed or over the counter medicines 
  • the inappropriate use of solvents or other chemical agents 
    the consumption of alcoholic beverages and other products 
    the smoking of tobacco or other drugs 
  • the possession of drug related objects, such as syringes, bongs, pipes, lighters/matches.

The school also prohibits the possession, sale, supply, exchange or negotiation by students in relation to any of the above when:

  • on school premises 
  • on any occasion when the staff of the school have a responsibility for an individual or group of students. 
  • travelling to and from school other than with parents.

Confirmed possession and/or use of legal drugs

  • parents are informed, advised of the offence 
  • police will be contacted 
  • students will be involved in the Drug Diversion Strategy through SAPOL 
  • during suspension, the student will be required to complete a Health Education package provided by the school.

Confirmed supply of illegal drugs

  • Students who, based on the evidence available to the school, are considered to be supplying drugs, will receive automatic suspension pending exclusion and possible expulsion proceedings.
  • Police may charge offenders under Section 32/5 of the Controlled Substances Act.

Recommended consequences

All consequences will be negotiated as appropriate to the individual student as well as considering the impact of the student's behaviour upon the school community


Please see the following document for our Fundraising policy.



All students are required to do homework on each weeknight and the following is provided as a guide for students and parents in the Middle School i.e Years 7,8, 9 and 10.

Each subject should set homework twice per week. This means 3 subjects are set on four nights and 2 subjects on the fifth night.

  • Year 7/8 students should spend about 60 minutes per night
  • Year 9 students should spend about 75 minutes per night
  • Year 10 students should spend about 90 minutes per night

A new homework timetable relevant to the year level is distributed to students each semester.

Success or failure in subsequent years may well depend on sensible study habits established during the first and very vital secondary year.

No homework is set for year 7 to 10 students during holidays.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

Mobile phones and other digital devices such as smartwatches and iPads are not to be used at school during school hours.

Students who choose to bring these items to school may keep them (switched off) in their school bag or lockers at their own risk or hand them in at the Front Office for safe keeping during the day.

At no time will the school accept responsibility for students’ mobile phones/electronic devices if they are damaged, lost or stolen.

In emergency situations, parents can contact the school to have their message relayed to a student.

A staged series of consequences applies to students who use their device at school. Please refer to the mobile phone policy for further details.


Sun Smart

This policy is for implementation throughout the whole school year. Its purpose is to ensure that all members of our school community are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The sun protection policy aims to promote among students, staff and parents:

  • positive attitudes towards skin protection
  • lifestyle practices, which can help reduce the incidence of skin cancer and the number of related deaths
  • personal responsibility for and decision making about skin protection
  • awareness of the need for environmental changes in schools to reduce the level of exposure to the sun



The uniform is an important aspect of the school and the very high standard of dress attained by the students is a result of parents and the school working in partnership. The school community uses the following assumptions as a guide:

  • Parents enrolling their son or daughter at Modbury High School support the wearing of the school uniform
  • It is the task of parents to see that students wear the correct uniform
  • Staff will follow up uniform infringements but should not be expected to fight battles about uniforms
  • Uniform worn to school should identify students belonging to Modbury High School
  • The wearing of the school uniform by all students positively promotes good school tone
  • The wearing of uniform is not influenced by fashion trends
  • Competition between students with regard to clothing, make-up and jewellery is inequitable
  • Clothing should promote due modesty for all students and therefore should not be tight fitting or too short
  • Second hand uniforms may be available for sale from the uniform shop throughout the school year

In order to maintain our student's normal impressive personal presentation, one of which most students do consistently every day, we will now offer clean replacement uniform items, on loan for the day.


Work Completion 

The following policies have been adopted by Modbury High School to prepare middle school students for the rigours of SACE and to ensure all Stage 1 and 2 SACE students are treated consistently, fairly and equitably when submitting work. 

The principles of our policies are:

  1. Realistic progress check points and due dates are set by teachers.
  2. All assessments should contain at least 1 interim/progress check point.
  3. All students manage their time effectively and take responsibility for meeting the due dates.
  4. All students are treated equitably and have similar timelines to complete work.
  5. Clear procedures are established to ensure that all students are treated consistently.