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Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council

Student voice is a focus within the school; students have real opportunities to be involved in the decisions relating to the future growth and development of the school, its policies and pedagogies. Each year level has its own Student Representative Council (SRC) and each home group has elected representatives on this committee who strive to gather and reflect the thoughts and opinions of the student body. The aims of the SRC, as described in it’s constitution, are to:

  • To represent, in an unbiased manner the views and opinions of the student body;
  • To be role models within the school community;
  • To encourage and drive innovations and change in pedagogies and in the way curricula are implemented at Modbury High School;
  • To foster student wellbeing and academic achievement through positive interventions;
  • To facilitate effective communication between students, staff and the wider school community on issues that affect the student body;
  • To be a conduit for school policy improvement and change; and
  • To provide leadership and direction for the student body to progress the long-term needs of the students and reflect the changing school community, fostering a safe and inclusive school.

SRC Virtual Suggestion Box

Not at school when you think of an idea the SRC could incorporate at the school?

Click here to access the virtual suggestion box.