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Peer Support

Peer Support is a leadership program run by students at Modbury High School. Within Peer Support, students promote being an active leader within the school community with a personal responsibility to help others. These students encourage wellbeing, including both mental and physical health. Peer Support members develop leadership skills in younger students and help them build confidence in school life.

Members in Peer Support can be identified through their badges. The Peer Support students are ready to help others by talking and engaging students through interactive activities, along with educating students on mental and physical health issues in order to develop the Modbury High community further.

The current Peer Support program includes:

  • Assisting the transition from year 7 into year 8
  • Developing resilience
  • Increasing awareness of mental health
  • Inviting guest speakers (including UCWB and other organisations)
  • Engaging student led activities at lunchtime (including sports and arts and crafts)
  • Developing relationships amongst peers
  • Encouraging students to become stronger leaders
  • Improving confidence within the school community

2019 Peer Support Team


In the video below, uploaded on October 12th 2017, a group of Modbury High School students discuss why it's important to talk about mental health. The students take part in regular mental health workshops with UCWB's Child and Family Services team, where they talk about the importance of peer support.