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Peer Support

The Peer Support Australia program is a peer led, skills based, experiential learning program. It encourages peer connections throughout the school and assists students in developing practical skills to enhance social and emotional wellbeing. The program promotes wellbeing, which encourages positive relationships, connectedness and a sense of responsibility.

At Modbury High School, year 10 peer support leaders undergo training in year 9 and begin working with our new students during their transition visits in term 4. They continue to work with our year 8 students during term 1 and 2, helping them to settle into high school, and working with them to develop skills to manage life experiences proactively. 


2019 Peer Support Team


In the video below, uploaded on October 12th 2017, a group of Modbury High School students discuss why it's important to talk about mental health. The students take part in regular mental health workshops with UCWB's Child and Family Services team, where they talk about the importance of peer support.