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Student's Learning Journey


The school community is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment that promotes personal growth and fosters positive self-esteem for all.

The following programs are available to students to help maintain a safe and supportive learning environment:

• Individual counselling

• Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

• Positive behaviours seminars

• Peer Support program

• Student Code of Conduct

• Student Rights and Responsibilities

• Behaviour Management Policy

• Bullying and Harassment Policy

• Cyber safety Policy

• Full school assemblies which focus on topics such as bullying and harassment, bystander behaviour and cyber safety

• Drug & Alcohol awareness programs

• Study Skills program

• Road Safety program

• “Party Safe” seminars

• Mental Health programs

• Career counselling

There are two student counsellors one male, one female that work across the school with a focus on student wellbeing.

Bullying is not tolerated at Modbury High School.

To assist students in their personal growth, Home Group Teachers at each year level have an over-arching goal appropriate to their students’ stage of development. At different year levels these include:

• Year 8 - to ensure a smooth transition from primary school to high school

• Year 9 - to maintain the effective learning environment established in year 8

• Year 10 - teach students the knowledge, understandings and capabilities to enable them to successfully make the journey towards a desired post-school destination

• Year 11 - develop in students a clearer understanding of their path beyond school and

• Year 12 - excellence in achievement through rigour, resilience and character building.


Effective communication enables families to work cohesively with the school.

This is achieved through the following:

• Student Diary – is used by students to record homework and test results. It is checked regularly by parents and Home Group teachers.

• Newsletter – available regularly. Please take time to read the newsletters.

• Parent-Teacher interviews – held early in Term 2. Additional meetings between teachers, parents and students are held on a needs basis.

• Modbury High School website – provides comprehensive information on our policies, curriculum, facilities, enrolments, news and events.

• Assemblies – whole-of-school and/or year level assemblies are held.

• DayMap – information regarding attendance, homework and assessment plans are available.

School assemblies are a regular feature at this school. They are used to celebrate achievement, provide information and to reinforce school values and culture.


The SRC has developed and regularly update the following policies:

• Student Code of Conduct

• Student Rights and Responsibilities

Students are also consulted regarding positive behaviour programs.

Students have real opportunities to be involved in the decisions that relate to the future growth and development of the school.