Our main building contains a mixture of general classrooms, science laboratories and specialised computer rooms. Rooms are well-equipped to enable the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.

We have specialised buildings to cater for the teaching of Art, Music, Design and Technology, Home Economics, and Physical Education. The Visual Arts Centre offers outstanding modern facilities in the areas of art, design and ceramics.

STEM Centre: In 2019 we opened a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) centre where students develop real world skills ready for innovative careers. The STEM Centre provides a workspace for project development where students can develop and explore their ideas. The facility incorporates fabrication, dry and wet labs, collaborative learning areas, a presentation room, individual student reflection areas and a ‘maker space’.

Currently the Resource Centre caters for the general study needs of students and includes a number of areas such as vocational education, learning support and technology support, designed to meet the specific needs of students.

The Flexible Unit meets the needs of our Year 12 students for a study space, a common area to connect, an assembly area and teaching areas.

The Cafeteria/Auditorium faculty is:

  • used by students at recess and lunch times
  • used for student assemblies, meetings and concerts.

The grounds continue to be a showpiece for the school. New areas providing seating and shelter are regularly constructed by our senior Design & Technology students.

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment