High School Study Abroad Program

Students may choose a 1, 2, 3, or 4 term High School Study Abroad Program. Students are integrated into main stream classes in order for them to improve their English proficiency and experience life and education at school as well as in the wider community. Students can choose from academic or experiential programs according to their interests and learning needs.

Students live in local, school approved homestay accommodation following a stringent screening and selection process. This is organised by our International Programs Coordinator who ensures that the best quality care and well-being are provided at all times.

For further information and to help you enrol at Modbury High School, please visit the South Australian Government Schools program website.


My name is Mateo. I was an exchange student from France, who attended Modbury High school during 4 months. My first goal here, was to improve my English level, my comprehension and my expression. I wanted to make some friendships, do some bonding to, maybe come back.

My experience in Modbury High school was very interesting, I made friends who helped me to improve my English. I learnt a lot of things, in English, about Australia. I did some special activities, a music camp, and work experience. I was able to do all these activities because the school provided me with all these benefits.

My school activities centred on my hobbies, sport, music. The school provided me a French horn from another school without any problems. I discovered some subjects like metalwork, nutrition, or hospitality, with teachers always there to help me, to introduce me to other students.

I did the exam of the first semester in EAL and Chemistry, which was quite funny because I didn’t have a calculator until 15 minutes before the test and I never did the lessons of Chemistry. I discovered some sports too. In PE we played cricket and netball. But the most famous sport here is the footy, which is a good sport.

What I enjoyed the most was the work experience, as a support for the French teacher, in a primary school. I had a very good feeling with the teachers. Just unforgettable.

In Modbury the teachers helped me to revise the basics, especially in English and Chemistry, my home group teacher helped me a lot to integrate into some activities of the school.

I achieved all my goals even if I would like to speak better English, but when I came, I couldn’t speak much English, now it’s easy for me. I thank everybody who helped me to improve my English.

More Information

For more information about studying abroad in South Australia, please contact:

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