School Uniform

The first and most common impression of Modbury High School in our community is given by our students in uniform on their way to and from school, or whilst on excursion.

The Modbury High School uniform serves multiple purposes:

  • Keeps with an ethos of excellence and respect in the school;
  • Projects a positive image in the community;
  • Gives the school a unique identity;
  • Creates a sense of belonging and equity for students;
  • Practical for a range of weather conditions and activities;
  • Ensure students keep within health, safety, decency and community standards; and
  • Eliminates competition for ‘fad’ clothing or brand names, plus the wearing of inappropriate accessories or clothing item

Please find our complete school uniform policy below:

Belgravia Apparel Uniform Shop - Campbelltown

Belgravia Apparel is located at Campbelltown. It is the only place you are able to purchase our uniform. 

Follow the button to;

  • Order online
  • Book an appointment for fittings and ordering (Bookings are essential)
  • Find the prices of each item

Order Collection

Orders that are placed online either collected at their store in Campbelltown or collected at Modbury High School.
Please note if you wish to collect it at the school, it takes about a week to be shipped. You and the student will be Daymap messaged once it has arrived and your or your student will be able to collect it at the Front Office between 8:00am and 4:00pm on school days.


For further information please contact;

Mara Bogisch
BA Campbelltown

A |10 Newton Rd Campbelltown

P | 08 8281 7155 |  0451 725 600

E |

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment