Flexible Learning Options

Flexible Learning Options (FLO) is a Department for Education initiative. It is a student enrolment strategy aimed to assist schools and the wider community in supporting successful engagement and retention of young people identified as disengaging from a mainstream school-based learning program.

Modbury High School students demonstrating disengagement from learning for a variety of reasons may be eligible to join the FLO program. Currently the program has one intake at the start of the school year and is unable to accept students throughout the year.

FLO students are placed with a Case Manager who they meet with once a week to work through any barriers between them and school. This may involve addressing wellbeing issues, assisting with organisation, setting learning and career goals, developing employability skill, preparing a resume and exploring potential certificate qualifications for the student to enrol in.

In a few considered cases FLO students may continue to attend Modbury High School classes with a regular timetable, however, most FLO students attend either a flexible learning site known as a Community Learning Centre (CLC) or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) site such as TAFE SA. The CLC most Modbury High School FLO students access is the North Eastern Secondary Principal’s Network (NESPN) CLC.

NESPN Community Learning Centre (CLC)

Modbury High School is involved in a partnership with seven North-Eastern High Schools who formed the NESPN Community Learning Centre. The CLC was established in January 2013 and is a testament to school/community partnerships working together towards supporting youth, addressing barriers and access to education, training and employment.

During the FLO enrolment meeting it will be discussed with the student and family if the CLC will suit the learning needs and goals of the young person. Modbury High School will then complete the referral to join the CLC. Referred students can work towards completing the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), whilst being able to access a range of accredited courses, engagement programs, independent life skills and work ready skills based upon their interests and strengths.

Students attending the CLC have the standard FLO requirement of being paired with a Case Manager. Case Managers, along with CLC staff, are available to support students in making the decision as to which pathways to follow.

Further information is available at https://nespnclc.sa.edu.au/

For further information please speak to Ms Lauren Freeth, Year 9/10 and Flexible Learning Leader on 8264 1955.

Modbury Alternative Program (MAP)

MAP is a Modbury High School developed initiative enabling students in the program to remain as a mainstream student. Through the program students are able to access and develop a more flexible school timetable that is better suited to their learning needs while they work towards achieving their SACE. The MAP program is predominantly for year 10 and 11 students, however it can be accessed by students in other year levels should the need arise.

A student may be suited to MAP if they have low attendance or engagement with school, have low literacy or numeracy grades and/or are interested in a VET pathway.

Each MAP student develops their own learning plan which involves future planning, strengths, goals and timetable negotiations which parents/caregivers sign off on.

Through MAP, students can access wellbeing support and mentoring, a variety of engagement programs and a learning space which is always available to students to assist in their connection to, and comfort, at school.

For further information please speak to Ms Lauren Freeth, Year 9/10 and Flexible Learning Leader on 8264 1955.

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