Student Leadership and Recognition

Student Representative Council

Student voice is a focus within the school; students have real opportunities to be involved in the decisions relating to the future growth and development of the school, its policies and pedagogies. Each year level has its own Student Representative Council (SRC) and each home group has elected representatives on this committee who strive to gather and reflect the thoughts and opinions of the student body. The aims of the SRC, as described in it’s constitution, are to:

  • To represent, in an unbiased manner the views and opinions of the student body;
  • To be role models within the school community;
  • To encourage and drive innovations and change in pedagogies and in the way curricula are implemented at Modbury High School;
  • To foster student wellbeing and academic achievement through positive interventions;
  • To facilitate effective communication between students, staff and the wider school community on issues that affect the student body;
  • To be a conduit for school policy improvement and change; and
  • To provide leadership and direction for the student body to progress the long-term needs of the students and reflect the changing school community, fostering a safe and inclusive school.

SRC Virtual Suggestion Box

Not at school when you think of an idea the SRC could incorporate at the school?

Peer Support/Academic Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Support Australia program is a peer led, skills based, experiential learning program. It encourages peer connections throughout the school and assists students in developing practical skills to enhance social and emotional wellbeing. The program promotes wellbeing, which encourages positive relationships, connectedness and a sense of responsibility.

At Modbury High School, year 10 peer support leaders undergo training in year 9 and begin working with our new students during their transition visits in term 4. They continue to work with our year 8 students during term 1 and 2, helping them to settle into high school, and working with them to develop skills to manage life experiences proactively.

In the video below, uploaded on October 12th 2017, a group of Modbury High School students discuss why it's important to talk about mental health. The students take part in regular mental health workshops with UCWB's Child and Family Services team, where they talk about the importance of peer support.

Student Voice

Student Voice is a focus within the school. Students have real opportunities to be involved in the decisions relating to the future growth and development of the school, its policies and pedagogies. Each year, students are able to be elected by their peers to the Student Voice Council.

Every year level has its own Student Voice Council comprised of elected representatives from each home group who strive to gather and reflect the thoughts and opinions of their student cohort.

Prize Giving Assemblies

Celebrating student achievement is an important tool in building and maintaining a school environment that values effort, achievement and success.

The Senior Prize Giving Assembly (PGA) celebrates the achievements and successes of students from the Senior School – those in years 11 and 12.

This assembly also acts as the school community’s farewell to the Year 12 cohort after their five-year journey through high school.

The PGA is the largest Modbury High School gathering of the year and is attended by the families of Year 11 Prize winners and Year 12 students, a number of sponsors of PGA prizes and other special guests from the community.

Student achievement in both academic and extra-curricula areas such as Sport, Literature, Art, Pedal Prix and others areas are acknowledged and celebrated. Senior students are recognised for meritorious achievement and effort and the Dux of Year 11 is announced.

A number of community based awards are also presented at this assembly to worthy winners. A number of major awards (often sponsored by local community members) are presented at this assembly, including the Makin Humanitarian, UniSA Maths & Science, ADF Long Tan Teamwork and the Modbury Rotary Club’s John Tilley Memorial awards.

Finally we acknowledge the long journey of the Year 12s and some of their successes before the school says a final goodbye. Finally, families and special guests attend a celebratory morning tea prepared and served by the Year 11 Food & Hospitality Students.

Awards and Certificates include:

  • Subject Awards
  • Sporting Awards
  • Year 11 Dux
  • Florey Electorate Award
  • Makin Humanitarian Award
  • Caltex Best All Rounder Award
  • Principal's and Year 12 Manager's Awards
  • Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award
  • John Tilley Award - Most Outstanding Student
  • Jay Strudwick Ethos Award

Entrance to the Senior Prize Giving Assembly is by invitation/ticket only. Parents of Year 11 and 12 prizewinners will receive their invitations, all other Year 12 invitations will be sent home with the students.


  • Remembrance Day
  • Outstanding and High Achievers

We believe in a culture of achievement in a respectful and rigorous learning environment